11-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Invents IV Backpack to Help Others

Kylie Simonds is an 11 year-old-girl who is raising money online to patent and turn into a reality her brilliant invention: an IV backpack for kids with cancer.

IV_Backpack_BODY.jpgKylie is a cancer survivor that didn't hesitate when her teacher asked her classroom to create something that could solve an everyday problem.

"When I had chemo, I had to pull around the big IV pack, so I came up with this backpack. I remember tripping over all the wires, getting tangled up and having to drag this big thing around," said Kylie in this Good Morning America article.

She therefore designed a backpack with a drip-bag protection cage that would allow kids to move around without fear of puncturing the medicine bag, and an IV controller built into the bag to control the bag's flow rate. Her design has already won four awards at a statewide invention convention, but Kylie is hoping big companies will decide to pick it up and turn it into a reality that could help kids with cancer all throughout the world.

She has already raised almost $47,000 in two months through a Go Fund Me page. Seeing the friends she made during chemo request the backpack is "just touching my heart," Kylie said.

Do you think this little girl is amazing for turning her difficult experience into a huge blessing for others? We do!

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