A New Level of the Loss of Religious Freedom

When North Carolina chose to legalize same-sex marriage, people assumed their communities would undergo certain changes, but it's safe to say that last week took everyone at Rockingham County by surprise.


Last Friday, County Magistrate John Kallam Jr., after 12 years of service to his county, state and country, sent a letter to Chief District Judge stating he would no longer be able to fulfill his oath of office after same-sex marriage in North Carolina had become legal.

Kallam explained to a rally of about 500 supporters in Rockingham County Courthouse on Tuesday that he was told that if he didn't marry same-sex couples - although it was because of his religious beliefs - he would be fired.

“I want my departure from the courthouse to be as honorable as possible,” Kallam told the crowd, as reported in this News & Record article. “I don’t hold any animosity against anyone, but I will stand by my religious principles.”

This level of intolerance directed at his religious beliefs led him to resign his office. Said Senate leader Phil Berger, the farewell event's organizer, "Here, in Rockingham County, forcing Magistrate Kallam to give up his religious liberties to save his job is just wrong."

What do you think? Do you think it's wrong that a trusted government official would be forced to resign to uphold his religious beliefs?

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