Alaskan Police Stand Against Legalized Marijuana


Alaskan police came out with a strong message this week against the legalization of marijuana.

The Association of Chiefs of Police said in a public statement that legalizing marijuana would cost the government $3.7 million for training officers to detect DUIs. The group also insisted that public safety would be disturbed in the passing of this law, citing statistics of increased crime from Colorado, which has recently voted to legalize.

"I would like to think we are working toward making Alaska and our community safer, but I don't think the legalization of marijuana is a good effort or move toward that," said Police Chief Jamie Sunderland, in a recent Your Alaska LinkĀ article.

The Association maintains that in addition to being both dangerous and costly, the legalization of marijuana increases the risk of children having access to marijuana edibles that look and taste like candy.

The Anchorage School Board has also affirmed its commitment to promoting drug-free schools. Although they have taken no official stance on ballot initiatives, board president Eric Croft saidĀ in a recent Alaska Dispatch News article, "We do think marijuana, alcohol and other drugs are bad for young minds."

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