Alaska's Senate Race May Be A Close Call

Pollsters report that Alaska's senatorial race could decide whether Democrats or Republicans have control of the Senate this November.

Republican candidate Dan Sullivan had a rough start to his campaign against Democratic incumbent Mark Begich. Early polls showed Begich with an easy lead, but recent surveys show Sullivan up by five percentage points.


Add to that an endorsement of Sullivan this week by one of Alaska's most popular politicians, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Despite all this, Real Clear Politics reports that "Alaska polling is notoriously inaccurate," and that "we likely won't have a good indication who will win this race until the morning after election day."

Although Alaska has been a traditionally red state since 1970, Begich was elected senator in 2008 when he defeated long-time incumbent Ted Stevens. After this short stint with a Democratic senator, could Alaskans be ready for change again?

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