Conservative Women's Values are Alive and Well

For years, the Democratic party has linked abortion with women's rights, a crafty rhetorical maneuver.  Within this equation, to stand against abortion is to stand against the hard-won progress that has been made for women in the last few decades.

CWA_BODY.jpgBut not all women agree that to be pro-life is to be anti-women's rights. Concerned Women for America (CWA), self-described as “the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization" on their website, gives women with conservative values a voice to say that the liberal agenda ascribed to all American women is not necessarily their own.  

Penny Young Nance, president of the CWA, shares in her interview with World Mag, "What’s changed is the country has become more pro-life. We’ve had abortion clinics shutting down all over the country because of two things. Demand has decreased, and also [there are] better state laws. … We’re seeing real traction in the debate … because now we’re making the country talk about what is actually in the womb. It’s not just about a woman’s right to choose. It’s about what she’s choosing."

She likens the fight for life with the very current fight for traditional marriage.

Pro-life supporters were once told to give up and accept abortion as permanent, but now America is seeing a definite decrease in the trend. The fight for traditional marriage seems equally daunting, as the media slams anyone with conservative values as hateful and bigoted.

But Nance encourages conservatives that the tide on this issue could recede in the same way as abortion, as America begins to see the negative effects of dismantling traditional marriage.

Nance believes that the decline in our nation is due to a departure from faith, but is encouraged that a growing trend of young, educated women are being drawn to conservative values.  She says in her interview, "Concerned Women for America’s Young Women for America chapters on college campuses just started two years ago and we have 21 now founded, up and going. Our latest was at Princeton University. We have about 35 in the works. I believe that we are on the cutting edge of offering not only a place of community for young, conservative woman on campus who really believe in our founding principles—free-market principles and a biblical worldview—to come together and to be a force and to be salt and light on campus, but also to be winsome."

How do you feel about women's rights today? Do all of the issues ascribed as women's rights today echo your values?

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