Court Decision for Pebble Mine Could Come Soon


Alaskans may soon have a court decision regarding the controversial Pebble Mine project. Briefings are scheduled to wrap up in September, and a decision from Anchorage U.S. District Court Judge Russell Holland could be seen in October.

Progress on the Pebble Mine, which is supported by the state and Alaskan business groups but opposed by environmental groups, has been stopped by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act.

If the Pebble Mine is built, it would create "thousands of jobs and provide and economic base for an economically-depressed region that would last for decades," according to Pebble CEO Tom Collier's briefing with the Resource Development Council.

Estimates say that "the project would also generate $165 million to $213 million in annual tax and royalty revenue to the state as well as taxes" to the surrounding areas.

The state of Alaska has intervened in support of the mine, asserting that these state-held lands have been classified for the very purpose of mineral development.

Opponents of the mine are worried about the effects on salmon streams and other environmental activities near the proposed new development. But Pebble Limited Partnership insists that the detrimental scenarios proposed are purely hypothetical.

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