If Republicans Win the Senate, It's Due to Christian Conservatives

Republicans are just six seats away from gaining control of the U.S. Senate, and conservative Christian voters will be the ones to make that happen.

The ramifications of majority control extend beyond legislation; the U.S. Senate also has the power to confirm Supreme Court Justices -- offices with no term limits. So, if an extremely liberal judge is voted in, he or she is in for life and has the power to heavily influence culture on issues like gay marriage, abortion and immigration.

And fortunately for the Republican party, it seems the religious right is well aware and actively cares.  According to this WHBL article, "Reuters/Ipsos polling data shows evangelicals are more enthusiastic than the general population about the midterms." In fact, the article continues, "Forty-nine percent of evangelicals say they have a great deal of interest or quite a bit of interest in news about the elections, compared to 38 percent of non-evangelicals."

This is despite the fact that most Republican candidates often step away from the social issues that Christian conservatives are most passionate about -- namely abortion and gay marriage -- in an effort to not alienate the general public. What they may not understand is how strong and loyal a base of voters they have in the religious right.

Even though this type of moderate-pleasing politicking has inevitably reduced the number of engaged voters in the Evangelical ranks, social conservatives still believe the stakes are too high in these midterm elections and are turning out in great numbers.

Do you care about who occupies the U.S. Senate? Do you plan to vote in this midterm election? Would love to hear from you!

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