Local Milkman Brings Back Tradition, Serves His City

A local Portland man is bringing dairy back; quite literally.

Scott McDonald, founder of Local Farmers Delivery, is quitting his job in the corporate world to deliver dairy door-to-door. Deliveries are made to locals in the Portland Metro area between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.


"It's great. We can see their white trucks and hats, and tell they're coming from a mile away," said customer Crystal Gwyn in a recent Fox News article

The service is quite nostalgic to many, and McDonald reports that people stop him at red lights asking for pictures. 

"It's the same thing from everybody," he told Fox News. "They say, 'Are you really the milkman?'"

McDonald and his business partner deliver just the basics: milk, bread, eggs, coffee and orange juice. In the evening, customers put out a trademark blue bag and the milkmen come by in the early hours, filling the bag with the ordered goods. 

McDonald enjoys the old-fashioned, traditional aspect of his business. He likes that the product he brings is locally sourced and that he is serving people in his own community. To him, it feels like a reminder of the way things used to be. 

"I think it's important to support 100-year-old companies," said McDonald to Fox News.

Customers like the returning to tradition in having a milkman. "It's a pretty neat thing because our lives move so fast," said Gwyn.

For more information, check out the Local Farmers Delivery website.

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