Why One Alaska Native Is Voting For Dan Sullivan

If you are trying to make a decision on who to vote for in our upcoming election for U.S. Senator, then Bob Jacobsen, a lifelong Juneau resident, has something to say to you.

Jacobsen was raised in the 1950s by Democratic-leaning parents who were also Alaska pioneers. He has memories of sharing snowball fights with Democratic Governor Bill Egan near his childhood home. Yet he feels strongly that Alaskans need to vote conservatively in this election.


Why would a Democrat-raised youngster grow up to be a vocal conservative?

 Jacobsen feels that the Democratic party isn't the same party to which his parents were loyal when he was a boy. He shares in a recent Alaska Dispatch News op-ed piece: "I have no doubt my parents would be outraged by our [current government leaders] -- a government seeking more taxes, more regulation, and more intrusion into our personal lives."

Jacobsen goes on to point out differences in leadership experience between Begich and his Republican opponent for U.S. Senate, Dan Sullivan. He cites Sullivan's credentials as assistant secretary of state for economic, energy, and business affairs, to which he was nominated by President Bush. Sullivan managed a 200-employee team in that role.

That role is also significant in terms of what is happening internationally with ISIS. 

"In that role [Sullivan] worked... traveling the world, negotiating substantial agreements with world leaders on a range of issues including aviation, energy, telecommunications, tariffs and Arctic issues, just to name a few," wrote Jacobsen. "With the unsettling proliferation of Islamic State militants, Sullivan’s foreign policy experience is highly relevant to this election."

Sullivan is also touted for his years of decorated military service and his work as Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources from 2010-2013, during which time he was deployed to Afghanistan for six weeks. There he served as executive officer of the 4th Marine Division's Anti-Terrorism Battalion.

For more of Jacobsen's thoughts, check out his op-ed piece.

What qualifications matter to you when deciding whom to vote for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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