Will Change in These Five Areas Increase Jobs in America?

Two out of every ten Americans need more work. How can we give it to them?

iStock_000020920969_BODY.jpgAccording to The Hill's Congress Blog, the true jobless rate is higher than the reported 6.1%.

Accounting for the number of eligible working-age adults who have given up looking for a job, part-time workers who want full-time work, and college students who have gone into graduate training because they can't find employment, the actual unemployment rate is closer to 20%.

The root cause of the job scarcity? We are sending out too many jobs to other nations while folding under the weight of corruption, inertia, and poor business practices. Below are five reasons cited for our waning economy by The Hill.

1) Poor trade regulations lead to more American consumers buying imported goods in place of American-made products. Instead of enforcing WTO regulations, we continue to trade with nations like China who undervalue their currency to get cheaper goods on the market, compromising American competition. 

2) We give our fuel dollars overseas instead of working to limit the environmental risks that come with creating our own energy. Buying oil overseas does not mitigate the environment risk; it just allows it to occur in other nations instead of our own. All the while, we miss an important sector of American economic prosperity.

3) Our corporate taxation and government regulation is far more burdensome than other nations, discouraging foreign investment in American companies and driving American businesses to operate overseas.

4) Many government leaders are allowing special permissions for businesses to monopolize markets in exchange for campaign contributions and high-paying positions when they leave office, according to The Hill.

5) We have a culture of disincentive to work. Between an excess of government-assisted programs like Obamacare and student grants, and a university system that values entertainment (sports programs and yoga classes) over education, immigrants are filling the majority of jobs created in this century, as Americans are either unqualified or unwilling to do them.

What can we do about this? How can we take our power back and give valuable jobs to Americans and vibrance to our economy? It is time to care about Americans having valuable jobs that provide for their families. Please share your thoughts here! We would love to hear!

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